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Ministry of Electricity & Water

  • Project Name :
    Water Transmission Development

  • Commencement Date :

  • Project Duration :
    36 Months

  • Start Date :

  • End Date :

  • Project Description :

    This prestigious EPC project involves the construction of 2 New pumping stations, 3  ground storage tanks, 2 elevated storage reservoir and 1  concrete partially buried underground reservoir. Includes all associated civil, mechanical, SCADA and Telecom integration works.

    Current Status October 2016

    •      All 3 x 5MIG GSTs at NBNT DS constructed, Electro-Mechanical, ICA equipments have been supplied, erected and the system is getting ready for commissioning.
    •      1 MIG ESR at NBNT DS is in advanced stage of completion
    •      Pumping Station at NBNT DS is getting ready for commissioning
    •      5 MIG GSR is in advanced stage of construction at Seef DS site
    •      1 MIG ESR is under construction at Seef ESR site
    •      Pumpset at Salmabad FS has been commissioned
    •      Pumpsets at Buquwah DS are under commissioning

    Consultant : Mott Macdonald