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Bahrain Petroleum Company

  • Project Name :
    Shutdown and Routine Maintenance Services

  • Commencement Date :

  • Project Duration :
    5 years

  • Start Date :

  • End Date :

  • Project Description :

    This contract is awarded to AMA for the provision of Shutdown and Routine Maintenance Services, within the BAPCO’s operating areas.

    AMA supplies personnel experienced in planning and execution of static mechanical equipment maintenance work in Oil and Gas industry. Our manpower supplement the BAPCO’s workforce in the planning and execution of Planned Refinery Plant shutdowns, the execution of Unscheduled or Emergency Refinery Plant shutdowns and Routine Maintenance works. This shall be augmented by the supply of required plant and equipment and suitable back-up fabrication/workshop facilities. AMA shall take full responsibility for the planning, quality and safe execution of all work assigned to us.