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Tatweer Petroleum

  • Project Name :
    Routine Maintenance and Mechanical Services

  • Commencement Date :

  • Project Duration :
    4 years

  • Start Date :

  • End Date :

  • Project Description :

    The work carried under this Contract is principally connected to the Bahrain oil field development. Scope comprises of the modification or repair of, and addition to existing facilities, construction and installation of new works and all associated Mechanical works within the Company's Operating areas and the Producing Fields and any other Operating Areas on Callout Basis.

    The facilities to be covered include, but are not limited to, Main Gas Dehydration Unit (CGDU and (CGDF), Gas Dehydration Units (GDU’s), Gas Distribution Network (GDN), Valve Stations, Metering Stations, Tank Batteries (TB’s), Well Manifolds, Workshops, Water Treatment Plants (WTP’s), High Pressure Pumping Stations (HPPS), Steam Plants, Well Sites / Well Pads, Mud plant, HV Distribution Network etc.

    All works shall be carried out in strict compliance with the Tatweer’s standards and procedures, particularly with the HSE / QAC requirements along with the permit to work procedures.